House and Holiday Plan – Week Six – Wardrobe

Week 6 Checklist

Here’s what’s on the To-Do list for this week:

  • Clean, declutter and organize the master bedroom closet.
  • Clean and organize the laundry room.
  • Clear out the coat closet.
  • Check family wardrobes and plan photo outfits. Add any necessary items to the shopping list.
  • Update individual “gift suggestion lists” for family members.
  • Brainstorm “small and sweet” gift ideas for the work place, school friends, and other social groups.
  • Begin catalog and online shopping.
  • Continue working on Christmas cards.

I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about our wardrobe, so I guess it’s a good idea to consider it once a year or so. Fortunately, I have a very neat and methodical husband, and we’re able to keep our closet clean and organized. We did notice (the last time we took down our suitcases) that the top shelf was getting dusty, so I took care of that chore this week. Now I won’t worry about it until next fall! (Dusting the lower shelves is on the list to be done every month or so.)

As part of HHP this year, I’ll take the unused hangers to Goodwill. The last step of finishing our closet remodel (started a couple of years ago) was buying matching hangers, which we did as my Mother’s Day gift this year. It’s time to finally finish that little project and get the old hangers out of the house!

After neglecting it for a few years, I went through the laundry room cupboards this past summer, so all our laundry room needs this week is its regular cleaning.

We don’t have a coat closet, because we don’t normally need coats here in South Florida. They stay in a corner of our bedroom closet and come out when we travel. (A post on our trip to cold Montana, where we greatly appreciated our coats, is coming soon!)

That’s about it for this week. We don’t do a special holiday photo shoot, I try to keep a running list of gift ideas for family members, and I feel I can wait a bit to start the actual shopping.

Our standard “neighbor” gift is a plate of cookies and/or rocky road, but I enjoy coming up with new varieties, so maybe I’ll take some time to look for some new ideas. (Here’s one to consider.) What do you like to give to your neighbors at Christmas?