House and Holiday Plan – Week Seven – Bathrooms

Week 7 Checklist

Here’s what’s on the To-Do list for this week:

  • Declutter, clean and organize all bathrooms and linen closets.
  • Stock up on bathroom basics.
  • Set up a holiday wrap and mail center.
  • Prepare any packages that need to be sent overseas.
  • Consider shopping holiday bazaars.
  • Continue work on Christmas cards.

This could be a time-consuming week, or it could not, depending upon how far I want the deep-cleaning to go. I have other things I’d rather do, like working on the Beebe/Beckwith family puzzle and looking up quotes on peace and joy, so once again I’ll save emptying closets and cupboards for spring cleaning.

However, I did do more than my normal weekly cleaning of the bathrooms. I opened the cupboards to make sure they were still neat enough, vacuumed out the drawers, mopped (instead of just vacuuming) the floors, washed the bath mats, looked at the stack of pink towels, and added toilet paper and replacing wash cloths to the shopping list. That’s a fair amount of progress, don’t you think?

I already have a system in place for wrapping and mailing, I don’t need to send any packages overseas this year, I won’t shop at holiday bazaars, and I’m still waiting until December to do Christmas cards. I guess I’m done for this week!