As mentioned last week, I decided to follow the House and Holidays Plan to help me prepare for the holidays this year. There wasn’t necessarily a lot to do for holiday prep because over the years I’ve developed my own way of doing things that works for our family. I did pull out our “Christmas Binder” and reviewed our “values” worksheets, which showed that my ideas of a “perfect” Christmas haven’t changed. That’s a good thing. I also printed out our Christmas budget to keep in my planner, along with the master gift list. (Links to all of these forms can be found here, or you can create your own.)
My main focus for the week was to make progress on de-cluttering and organizing our office. The plan says to set up a household filing system. Ours is already set up, and I didn’t really get around to thinning out files (that’s a good January task), but I did clear off the desk, something that needs to be done on a regular basis, and I finally moved the stack of frames that’s been sitting on the cabinet for months.
My main focus was the closet, so I pulled down the bins and went through them. Technically the craft room is for next week, but I have some craft supplies in our office. I got rid of some items, consolidating three boxes into two, but more importantly I remembered what’s in them to begin with, and also started a “craft projects to finish” list.

I’m most proud of the fact that I can see the carpet again in the closet, and that the dresser top is empty. That’s true because I moved that milk crate filled with photos to the top of the filing cabinet, but I think I like it better there anyway because its hidden behind the door and not in my face when I open the closet. It’s also easier to get into without the closet rod in the way.

Next week I’ll tackle the sewing room, but now it’s time to enjoy our Labor Day weekend!