House and Holiday Plan – Week Nine – Living Room

Week 9 Checklist (Blank)

Here’s what’s on the To-Do list for this week:

  • Declutter, clean and organize the living room.
  • Clear tabletops, shelves and corners to prepare for holiday decorations.
  • Buy holiday stamps.
  • Finish addressing Christmas cards.

This will be a pretty easy week, because there’s not a lot in our living room. I’ll save the clearing of shelves for when I actually bring out the decorations, since I use the boxes that store our nativities to store our year-round knick-knacks.

As noted previously, I’m saving the Christmas cards for December, but I’ll add holiday stamps to my Costco shopping list and pick some up once they’re in stock.

Finally, since the piano is in the living room, it’s time to bring down the box of Christmas music and start practicing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus!

In addition to singing a couple of selections from The Messiah, part of our Christmas Eve family tradition includes singing “And He Shall Be Called Jesus Christ,” a cantata written by our good friend Ross Farnworth. If you want to add this to your family tradition, you can find the music here.