Thursday was our first full day in Hawaii, and we filled it with different activities (which is another way to say – beware of lots of pictures). When we woke up, it looked like the clouds were staying away from the mountains, so the plan was to go check out the view at the end of the road up Waimea Canyon. It was a bit foggy and misty by the time we arrived, but the clouds cleared enough for us to see down into the Kalalau valley. It was a gorgeous view, and as Cody says, the pictures don’t do it justice. We took our picnic lunch to Polihale Beach. If I had known getting there was an adventure, I might have suggested another spot, but the view of the Napali Coast (even in the mist) was gorgeous. Besides, I wasn’t driving so I didn’t have to worry about the sand. We took advantage of our first opportunity to try shave ice, and stopped at the guide book’s #1 recommendation – JoJo’s – on the way home. After trying a couple of other places during the week, we agree with the authors that JoJo’s is the best. We definitely made some great memories that day!

We’re happy in the morning!
Checking out the new home site – forms ready to pour foundation.
Waimea Canyon overlook – the clouds are rolling in!
Kalalau Lookout – gorgeous!
The drizzly rain started at the Kalalau Lookout.
Walking along the ridge – Kalalau Valley on one side, the rest of Kauai on the other.
Checking out the Koke’e Museum
The lookouts aren’t quite as gorgeous when they’re covered with clouds, but they’re still interesting and awe-inspiring.
It was actually possible to see the island of Nihau that day.
Evelyn and her new friend, “Roosty,” decided to take a nap on the drive to the beach.
View of the Napali Coast from Polihale Beach
Great spot for a picnic lunch
After lunch it was time to explore!


Walking along the beach
Following in Grandpa’s footsteps!
The end of the beach (and the beginning of the cliffs)
See the tiny black crab? They were all over the rocks!
But Evelyn just wanted to throw rocks, not play with crabs.
I was there!
Walking back the boys decided to be Good Samaritans and help some tourists get their rental jeep unstuck. It was hard work, but they succeeded!
Time for another nap in the car seat.
Shave (not shaved) ice is a wonderful treat, especially with a scoop of ice cream to discover at the bottom.
Some random shots from the drive back.
After unloading the truck there was some time to play with bubbles.
And then Evelyn decided she needed to try out Grandpa’s infamous green hat.

The “west” side of Kauai is definitely deserving of some more exploration, and we totally enjoyed what we were able to experience in one day.