Happy Anniversary to David and Elizabeth!

We have lots of great memories for May 1st, and I’m glad I looked at our Family Almanac this morning so I could be reminded of them. We hope you have great memories as well. If not, you can always create some today!

May 1

1960: V. L. Beckstrand released as stake president and ordained a patriarch by Spencer W. Kimball, who stayed with them for the weekend
A family picture during the time he served as stake president

1988: Brad’s blessing day

2004: finish remodeling back bathroom – it’s usable again!

2006: missionary lesson with Connor boys here

Their baptism day

2007: back bathroom is unusable due to toilet leak
(noteworthy because it’s on the anniversary of the remodel completion, but not noteworthy enough to take a picture of the broken toilet)

2008: Michelle’s first Willy Wonka Jr. play practice

Performance day in June

2010: David marries Elizabeth Wheelwright in the Oakland Temple

2014: set up chairs for the temple dedication

Fort Lauderdale Temple