I could write a novel about things I’ve learned from my dad, but I don’t have time right now. In fact, the rest of my family is trying to convince me that it’s been a long day and it’s time for bed. However, I had to do a quick post on my wonderful father! (And my husband is a wonderful father as well, but he’s not MY dad.)

So, here are just a couple of quick memories – based on pictures that were already saved on the computer: Dad values education and always expected me to do my best. He still does. Although I was born and raised in California (and so was Dad), we spent two years in Maryland while he went to law school. This picture is on his graduation day when I was 5 years old. One of my favorite memories of those two years is the day I missed the bus to kindergarten and he walked me to school on his shoulders because there were no paved sidewalks and it was a rainy, muddy day. The local newspaper did a story on my parents in 1972 after they adopted a few children. That taught me a lot of lessons as well. Dad lived the values that he taught – charity, service, hard work, respect and compassion. (And notice all the books he collected!) He still works hard, even though he’s technically retired. This is a common sight whenever he visits us, or when we visit him (although the computer’s not on the kitchen table in his own home). He loves family history and temple work and studying the words of the prophets. He loves his family and lets us all know that often. I love you too, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!