Today is Jeff’s birthday.  It’s been a while since we’ve spotlighted him in a blogpost, so I figured it was time to do that! (Here’s his last birthday post.)  Anyway, I pulled out the photo albums and started scanning away, because I know you’re all dying to see these!
Happy First Birthday!  Jeff’s always been a happy kid.  (Sorry about the rash, but that was part of his life then.)
Happy Second Birthday!  Somebody chose a bunny cake.  Don’t you love all the striped shirts?
And then I got distracted looking at all of the many facial expressions that got captured in the photo album.  Here are some of them.

And here are a few more.

Just recently we were reminiscing about Jeff’s poor “bike” that had the handlebars installed backwards.  Hopefully that hasn’t scarred you for life!
Not all of the facial expressions were happy ones.  And I still remember this family night field trip, taken when Steven was a week old.  Still recovering from childbirth and in quite a bit of pain myself, I can totally relate with how Jeff was feeling!  Fortunately, the painful memories subside and the pleasant ones remain.
This picture captures the majority of my “Jeff’s early life” memories – complete with the koolaid mustache.

Time passed by this morning and I realized I still have other things on the to-do list, so I jumped forward about ten years.  This was our family trip to Palmyra with the cousins, and I could still find a myriad of facial expressions coming from Jeff.

Happy 13th Birthday!  What a handsome young man!!
And you’re still a very handsome young man.  If your sisters will take some pictures and send them to me, we can add your “Happy 23rd Birthday” picture.
Here it is!  23 Candles!!
Hope you’re having a wonderful day!  We love you!!!