Okay, so several weeks ago (on his actual birthday!) I started a post for Steven’s special day, but I couldn’t think of anything more than “happy birthday” and “we love you” to write. That sounded kind of lame and uninteresting for a blog entry. Since then I’ve done more “blog surfing” and discovered this cool new way of posting pictures (thank you Wendy) as collages. 

In my surfing, I’ve also noticed a popular way to honor the “birthday boy” is to make a list. So, here goes:

15 Adjectives to Describe our 15 year old:

  • careful
  • determined
  • diligent
  • faithful
  • loyal
  • methodical
  • obedient
  • orderly
  • persistent
  • polite
  • quiet
  • reliable
  • smart
  • spiritual
  • strong