A couple of months ago we had planned to visit family in Montana and participate in a granddaughter’s baptism. Well, those travel plans got cancelled due to COVID-19, (see what we did instead here), and the baptism was postponed as well. Fortunately, it’s been rescheduled and today’s the happy day! It’s still not safe for us to travel, so we won’t be there in person, but we’re looking forward to participating virtually. Congratulations, Brooke!
In honor of her special day, I’m remembering my own. I’ve written about it before, but here are a few more details from the day I was baptized.
First, I’m not sure why we had a van for the family car; there were only five us in my family at the time. And when there were ten of us, we didn’t have a van! However, we all loaded up and drove across town to the stake center.
Once at the church building, we had a meeting in the chapel. Then we went outside, across the breezeway, to another building that had the baptismal font, where I was baptized by my father.
My mother took a picture as we came out of the font, and then again after I was dressed in the pretty dress she made for me. If I recall correctly, afterwards we had a barbecue, complete with birthday cake, in my grandparents’ back yard. Since it was the Fourth of July, I imagine there were some fireworks, too.
The next day I was confirmed in sacrament meeting. My grandfather assisted my father; others probably did as well, but they’re not in this photo so I don’t remember for sure. Take pictures and write in your journal!!!
I’m so grateful for the decision I made many years ago to be baptized into Christ’s true church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’m thankful my children made that same choice, and am thrilled the next generation is following suit. Doing so has brought joy, peace, direction, hope and happiness into my life. It can do the same for you.