Today is my sister’s wedding anniversary, and since I was reminded of that fact while pulling out pictures of past Memorial Day holidays (because it took place over Memorial Day weekend), I figured I’d do a post on that eventful day as well. The marriage took place in the Washington D.C. Temple on Friday, and the next day we held a reception at our parents’ home in New York. I’m glad we were able to make the 2,000 mile trip to help celebrate such a special occasion.

Wayne enjoyed visiting with a high school acquaintance who had moved from California to New York. The world can be a very small place sometimes.

Might as well throw in the pictures I have from my other siblings’ weddings!

The first of my brothers to get married had a Utah wedding, and since we were still living there then, we enjoyed celebrating with them in person. In fact, cute Weston got to wear his first tuxedo for the occasion.

The other weddings took place far from where we lived, at times when we weren’t able to travel. We feel badly we missed them. Fortunately, good wishes and congratulations can be sent across the miles, and even across the years.

Another sister’s Thanksgiving wedding in Oklahoma

My other brothers: an autumn wedding in Utah and two summer weddings in California

Happy Anniversary to each of you, whenever that happens!