Memorable Monday Moments
Halloween Haikus

The other day we were going to have family home evening with some friends. At the last minute they had to cancel because their daughter was sick. However, just because they’re so wonderful, they brought over the cookies they had planned for refreshments and suggested we might still want to do the planned activity which was writing Halloween Haikus. So, after a short lesson on how faith helps us keep the 8 Simple Things, we put on our creative caps and got to work writing, and writing, and writing. It was a lot of fun. I was originally going to post a creation a day leading up to Halloween, but we’re running out of time, so here are just a few of our favorites. (Thanks to the far-flung siblings who sent in their votes.)

This is the very first one that Princess spontaneously created when I mentioned the idea at the dinner table. She was totally amazed when it showed up at the very top of one of the judge’s lists!

Halloween Haiku #37
Bat, bat, bat, bat, bat
Jack-o-lantern pumpkin bat,
Bat, bat, bat, bat, bat.

Our “chapter for the day” was Ezekiel 32. As we read these verses at the start of family night, I realized how wonderfully appropriate they were to a Halloween theme, and that solidified the idea to proceed with the activity. Verses 7 and 22-23 were the inspiration for the next two haiku poems.

Halloween Haiku #327
“Cover the heaven
And make the stars thereof dark.”
The moon has no light.

Halloween Haiku #322,223
Set graves all about
North, south, east, west, up and down
Terror in the land.

Based on the judges’ opinions, this would have to be the winning poem. It was near the top of all of the lists. Congratulations Steven!

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkins sitting still
Soaking the midnight moonshine
In the autumn breeze
But there were plenty more that were winners. Here are a few of them:

Halloween Haiku #1
Halloween’s dark night,
Giving children lots of fright,
Much to dads’ delight.

Halloween Haiku #13
Skeletons, candy,
Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and ghouls.
It is Halloween!

Dad’s Great Costume
The doorbell rings twice.
A father opens the door.
Children flee screaming.

Pumpkin Guts and Glory
Cut the pumpkin top.
Scoop out the seeds and damp slime.
Jack-o-lantern scowls.

25 Years of Trick-or-Treating

A cowboy or dog,
Charizard, turtle or cat,
Knight or astronaut,

Pirate or princess,
Mario, wolf or wizard,
5 headed monster,

Darth Vadar, ninja,
Don’t forget Dad’s googly eyes –
Fun costumes galore.
Finally, we have a reminder that even more holidays are just around the corner!

Halloween Joy
Christmas trees are up,
Children playing in the snow.
Oops . . . wrong holiday!

We hope you enjoyed our little poems. Feel free to write your own haiku and add it to the comments. Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy Halloween!!