Halloween Haiku: Family Favorite #4
This is a silly one Michelle created before FHE as practice. She was surprised it was one of the overall favorites!

Halloween Haiku #37
Bat, bat, bat, bat, bat
Jack-o-lantern pumpkin bat,
Bat, bat, bat, bat, bat.

Costume Idea: Clowns
When toddlers go trick-or-treating, it’s for the parents, not the children. Those first years we didn’t go very far, and we certainly didn’t have any extra money for elaborate costumes. In addition, I had no desire to introduce the dark and scary side of Halloween to my babies. So, the default costume for years was a clown. [Times have changed, haven’t they?] That first year I made some pom-pom buttons and sewed a simple collar. After putting some of my lipstick on their cheeks and attaching a balloon to their hat, we were good to go!

Weston – 1984
David & Weston – 1985
David & Weston – 1986
Brad – 1990
Michelle – 1995
Pinterest Idea: Cake Ideas
Sometimes it’s easier to make one giant cake instead of a bunch of cupcakes. You can still have fun with that. Here’s an idea that used two sizes of Oreos and M&Ms to create a Monster Eye Cake.
DIY Monster Eye Cake ~ The eyes are made with Oreos and Junior Mints/M&Ms. Clever!:
Happy Halloween!