Halloween Haikus:
And a few more:

Cool Breeze
Chill breeze blowing through
Freezing me and freezing you
Now your face is blue
Halloween Joy
Christmas trees are up,
Children playing in the snow.
Oops . . . wrong holiday!
Ode to Edgar Allen Poe
Halloween’s dark night,
Razor blade in apple’s bite,
Ends in ghoulish fright.


Costume Idea: Planning and Effort Required!

One year I decided it would be fun to try some of the costume ideas I found in a Parents magazine. If you ever decide to do that, know that it’s not something you can wait until October 30th to do!

This was also before the days of the internet, so I can’t give you a link to the original instructions, but here’s one for the knight costume that looks similar. Basically we took a length of bubble wrap, cut a slit for the head, made a tie for the waist, and crafted a helmet from a paper paint bucket and cardboard. We also made a shield from an aluminum foil pizza pan.

I had my very first experience buying tubing by the foot at Home Depot for this costume! It was crafted from a plastic bucket, a utensil tray, the tubing, canning jar lids and star stickers. I know he chose this costume, so something else must have made him unhappy for the picture!

Black Wolf
At least he was smiling in this picture. Maybe he recognized that I feel much more comfortable creating costumes that just require fabric!

Sparkly fabric makes an ordinary dress special!

Link from Zelda
A fabric tunic is just as easy to make as one from bubble wrap!

One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater
Sometimes school projects take so much effort, that you just have to use them more than once. We created this costume for Weston’s 1st grade Spring Program and kept it around for Halloween that year. First we made a piñata (balloon covered with newspaper and starch, then tissue squares glued on using the erase end of a pencil); however, there’s a head inside instead of candy. Next we attached crêpe paper streamers to purple coveralls. This is another one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects!


Pinterest Idea: Cupcake Ideas
Polka Dot Cupcakes! Can decorating a cupcake get any easier than this? This would be the perfect treat if you spent all your free time making one of the costumes above!
Halloween Polka Dot Cupcakes - super easy choc frosting w/ orange reeses pieces and orange frosting with the brown pieces, adorable:
Happy Halloween!