Halloween Haikus:
After that family night, we sent our haiku creations to the “not living at home” siblings and had them choose their favorites. For the next week we’ll do a real countdown leading up to the family favorite on Halloween. Here are a few of the “practice” ones that didn’t receive as many votes. Feel free to add your own poems to the comments!

Halloween Haiku #2
Laughter in the night
Getting candy; no true fright
What a joyful sight
Halloween Haiku #5
Spookiness at night
Getting candy with much fright
Fleeing out of sight
Halloween Haiku #17
Oh, what a delight!
How I love Halloween night!
Though it is a fright!
Halloween Haiku #54
Down the road walking,
To each door knock, knock, knocking.
“Trick-or-treat!” “Thank you!”


Costume Idea: Capes
Over the years we’ve made several capes for costumes, so I was kind of disappointed I had to sew two new ones this year! We had one with red lining, but there is a difference between a vampire cloak and a super hero cape.

That cape was lined and had a collar, but all of the rest of our capes were quite simple. This green one was just a serged square of cloth with a button and button hole carefully positioned. The first year it debuted as some sort of monster.

And the next year it adorned a friendly pirate.

Instead of a button and button hole, our blue cape has a couple of ties in that same position. Here’s our green pirate’s buddy, the blue pirate!

We also have a plain black cape. One year it completed a Darth Vader costume.

Several years later it was the perfect magician’s cape.

The wonderful thing about a cape is you don’t need anything else to create a Halloween costume, although brandishing a light saber in addition to the cape can’t hurt!


Pinterest Idea: Cupcake Ideas
Just drizzle white icing on your cupcake and add some candy eyes. That’s pretty simple, and cute, too!
Not sure about the cupcake recipe itself, but this is a cute decorating idea.:
Happy Halloween!