One of the tasks on today’s list was clearing off the paper piles on the desk, and in doing so I discovered a flyer for a “52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge.” This looks like a great idea to start this month. Actually, we’ve tried something similar many times in the past, but on a daily basis. See here and here and here. Making gratitude lists is just a great November activity!

So, if you want to make expressing gratitude a year-long endeavor, you might consider a weekly post or journal entry on the following topics:

To give you some practical ideas, here are links to several people who have tried this in the past. Note that I’m just sending you to their first one; you’ll have to find the subsuqent ones on your own, but I’m positive you’re each resourceful enough to do that. (The first link is actually to that person’s last post, but she was nice and added all of her links to that page.)

Local Adventurer

Everyday Mom

Katelyn McPhee


Year of Gratitude

More Year of Gratitude


You may have such a great experience doing this for a year that you’ll want to do it again. Here areĀ 52 Additional Prompts!