While I’ve read about gooseberries, I’ve never actually seen them in person until the other day when I was browsing the aisles in Aldi’s. That’s a great place to discover new things! Anyway, I had to get some and try them out. I can imagine “golden berries” is a prettier name, which is why that got top billing, but I’m glad they added the aka (or also known as cape gooseberries). We used them in fruit salad and as a topping for oatmeal. I’m not sure they really tasted “tropical” to me, but it was a nice addition to our menu for that week, and if I get the chance, I’ll buy them again.

Edited to add a description I came across this morning:

What do golden gooseberries taste like?
Their inner juicy pulp contains numerous very small yellowish seeds which are entirely edible and offer a crunchy texture. The flavor of the Cape gooseberries is very tart, and reminiscent of a cherry tomato crossed with pineapple, mango and Meyer lemon.

And I learned that Cape Gooseberries are not the same as plain regular gooseberries. So, I guess I still need to be on the lookout for gooseberries!


Cape Gooseberries or Golden Berries – related to tomatillos
Gooseberries – related to cranberries