Earlier this year, while thinking about the subject of Christmas gift giving, I came across a couple of articles. Just in case they disappear into the the dark recesses of the world wide web, I thought I’d make a list of their suggested gifts to the Savior (even if some of them are duplicates). 

Giving Gifts

A 12 Days of Christmas for the Savior
by Kathryn Jenkins Gordon, excerpted from “The Gifts of Christmas”

  1. Be of Good Cheer
  2. Have a Humble Heart
  3. Make a Goal and Reach It
  4. Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
  5. Recognize Specific Blessings Every Day
  6. Promote Peace
  7. Study the Scriptures Daily
  8. Be Kind to Yourself and Others
  9. Give of Your Abundance to Those in Need
  10. Build Eternal Family Relationships
  11. Trust in the Lord
  12. Share the Gospel
I hope this article doesn’t disappear, because it’s accompanied by cute (particularly if you like the red and aqua color combination) graphics you could print out for each day.
by Rachel Bruner
  1. Have a Humble Heart
  2. Repent of a Sin or Weakness
  3. Serve Others
  4. Pray with Sincerity
  5. Study the Scriptures Daily
  6. Make a Goal and Keep It
  7. Have Faith during Trials
  8. Become a Lifetime Learner
  9. Gain a Testimony of a Gospel Principle
  10. Give Thanks to God in All Things
This one also comes with a photograph for each item. Maybe I’ll work on compiling my own list with my own pictures for next year! 
Only one more “Rudolph Day” for the year, and that’s Christmas Day itself. I hope these posts have been beneficial in helping you remember our Savior throughout the year, along with the great gift of his life. Enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!!