General Conference Book Club: Week 16

Elder Tad R. Callister
“The Book of Mormon – a Book from God”

Although I’m teaching a CTR class in Primary, I am aware that the adults are studying the Book of Mormon in Sunday School this year.  And so I’m trying to stay caught up a bit with that as well.  It was nice to review this talk and be reminded of the importance of the Book of Mormon.  He’s so right that it’s either from God or the devil; there is no middle ground.  And I’m grateful for my testimony that it’s from God.

I also absolutely loved his visual for why we need this second witness to the Bible – a line with one dot or two. (You can go here to read it, because I’m not explaining it very well.)  If the dot represents the scriptures and the line represents our interpretations, we can see that with just the Bible there are a myriad of interpretations, but if the interpretation has to agree with both sets of scriptures, there is only one.  That’s the beauty of the Book of Mormon – it enlightens our understanding of the gospel and leads us to Christ.