Years ago Wayne came home from a priesthood meeting where the dads were taught the importance of having formal interviews with their children. He decided to follow that counsel, and has been quite faithful in spending time with them individually on Fast Sundays. I remember one afternoon he took baby Michelle into the den and then came out in just a few minutes. The older boys were a little perturbed that she got to play a game with dad while they had to report on their Scouting progress! But before they played the game (something like patty-cake), they said a prayer to make it official. I’m actually a little envious of their tradition.

Anyway, because of this habit, our sons have all earned their Eagle (except Steven, and he still has some time – 3 merit badges and a project left) and this week Michelle received her Personal Progress YW Medallion. We’re so proud of her! We’re particularly pleased that she earned this as a Beehive. Because she has recorded her thoughts, she’ll be able to see her progress as she works through the program again. (Learning and growing never stop!!) Her very last requirement was to learn how to make a quilt. So, here’s what she designed and worked on. If she makes a quilt as a Laurel, I’ll expect her to do ALL of the work because now she knows how! (I also appreciate her patience with her mom and waiting for a wedding and seminary to be over before concentrating on finishing her project.) Michelle’s a beautiful young woman and we’re missing her this week while she’s away at girls’ camp!