Happy Father’s Day!

While cleaning out the file drawer, I came across a booklet that the Primary kids put together for their dads in 1998. I thought you might enjoy remembering what was said! My dad really loves to

  • read
  • do what he loves to do
  • camp
  • go to Scouts

The best time I had with my dad was

  • on a two mile hike just me and him
  • the last time I went camping
  • when he tickled me
  • on a trip

My dad’s favorite food is

  • artichokes
  • salad
  • everything
  • potatoes

My dad even let me

  • know that he wanted to name Jeff Poindexter
  • have fun
  • play Nintendo and GameBoy when my chores are done
  • have gum

The funniest thing I saw my do was

  • eat a whopper egg that was in his belly button
  • put a whopper in his belly button
  • make a funny face

My dad is sooo smart he even knows

  • my name
  • how to make a back yard
  • how to fix a car

A special thing my dad taught me was

  • how to swim
  • how to work hard
  • to read books

I can hardly wait to see what wonderful things your own children say about you!
Happy Father’s Day!!!