We went camping this week and Foil Dinners were on the menu. I had our recipe on our regular blog, but not this recipe one. Now that’s been rectified.

The idea behind a foil dinner is fairly simple. Take whatever you want – we usually use a chicken breast, some chopped up potatoes, onions, and carrots, a dab of butter and some cream of mushroom soup – and fold it up in some foil. Plop it in the fire pit and wait for it to cook. Then open it up and eat it.

However, after having burned and/or undercooked vegetables the first few times we tried this, we discovered a few tricks. Here’s what works for us:

1) Make sure the vegetables are cut in small pieces. When you’re starving, you don’t feel like waiting to eat. And fires don’t cook carrots as fast as microwaves.

2) Place the butter on the foil, then the meat, then the vegies, then the soup. Don’t forget salt and pepper or other seasonings.

3) After wrapping in heavy-duty foil once, cover it with wet paper towels, then wrap in foil again. This is our “secret ingredient!” And it really works to prevent burned foil dinners.

4) Be patient. Wait for the flames to die down so you can use the hot coals.