I’m borrowing my cousin’s idea, but with a twist. As part of my quest to encourage our adult children, I figured I’d post some of the “AHA” or life defining experiences I’ve had because that helps make them what they are. This first one comes from the world of sports (nicely timed if I do say so).

When they were in elementary school, our children had a choice. They could play any sport they wanted, as long as it was soccer. Once they reached high school, however, we figured they could expand their horizons. So, Weston added track to soccer. Then his junior year came and he wanted to play football. FOOTBALL!! There was a reason the parents picked soccer!

Nevertheless, Weston persisted. He had valid, well-thought-out and good reasons for trying out. After signing a contract with us (that said late practices were no excuse to miss seminary or act like a grouch at home), and with the understanding that while we’d love to come to his games, there were other activities that would have priority, he joined the team. He managed his time well and enjoyed being part of the team, even though as 4th string wide receiver he didn’t get a lot of playing time. However, we all have at least one fond memory – the game which made him eligible for “the receiver with the longest average for the season” – his one and only receipt for the season. It even made the paper!

And I learned some things. You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it. Parents and children don’t always have to agree. Sometimes, even, the kids are smarter and know more than the parents! He had a wonderful experience and made a lot of friends. He had the opportunity to be a good example to a lot of people. I‘ll admit I’m glad it only lasted one year, and that no one else felt the desire to try out for football, but overall I appreciate the lessons I learned in letting my children make their own righteous decisions.