Wednesday was Brad’s day. First we spent some time on the BYU Campus, reliving just a bit of our own early marriage days. The library may have expanded, but it’s still a great place to spend some quality time together.We even saw evidence that EFY really existed and it looked like everyone was having a great time.Once we met up with Brad and Cody, the first order of business was unloading the wedding gifts we had in the back of our car. Then, after a tour of their new apartment, they opened them. They saved this gift with the pretty wrapping paper for last. For dinner, Wayne thought it would be a great idea to go try a restaurant he loved when he was a student at BYU – El Azteca. He still remembers the first time he went, over 30 years ago. He knows he took a date, but he can’t remember her; he just remembers that the food was good, inexpensive, and plentiful. So, we looked up the address and drove over, and found nothing!

It’s supposed to be that door under the “we buy textbooks” sign. The restaurant was on the second floor, and that’s where the stairs were. (Moral of the story – check the date of the website on your internet searches!) However, all was not lost, because we remembered driving past an El Azteca restaurant west of campus (instead of south), so we went there instead.

We learned that the original owner opened a second store, and when he died, the family sold the first and kept the second, so it really was the same restaurant with the same menu – lots of food and decent prices. I guess if you’re going to wait years to repeat an experience you need to expect some change!Fortunately, everything lived up to expectations. These nachos were delicious, and, even with help, I couldn’t finish them all!

And then it was time to leave the newlyweds alone, at least for a couple of days!