Flashback Friday
Some memories of summer

Cherries were on sale today, so we picked some up at the grocery store.  As I ate a handful for lunch, I was immediately transported to my childhood back patio.  I can’t remember if my mom allowed us to spit out the seeds – maybe she did – but I don’t think we ever ate cherries indoors. They were special picnic/outside treats.  And for some reason they define summer for me.

Today is also the 20th anniversary of this family home evening road trip activity to visit the grave of Wayne’s grandparents in Midway, Utah.  I remember not being thrilled about the excursion; it was an hour’s drive each way; my body was still recovering from giving birth to a nine pound baby ten days earlier and I just didn’t feel like sitting that long; we hadn’t tried putting all seven of us in the car yet; I wasn’t sure how the baby would do on a long drive; and the list could go on and on.  It’s a good thing we took a picture so we have proof I rose above the long list of excuses!   (I think Jeff was mad because he wanted to hold the baby in the picture.)  Overall, the evening brings back good memories, and I get to remember it every year because we recorded it in our Family Almanac!
Summer also means visits to my grandparents’ houses – swimming at one and barbecuing at the other (after helping them with chores around the house).  It means lazy days of reading, trips to the beach and berry fields, working in the garden, and family camping vacations.  I’m thankful for fond memories, and I hope my kids have enjoyable memories of summer as well.
Happy First Day of Summer!
What are some of your favorite summer memories?