For a while I’ve been reading Heather’s Five Things for Friday posts, and today I thought I’d play along.  My five things aren’t nearly as profound as hers, but the beauty of having your own blog is that you can write whatever you like!  So here are some things I learned (or re-learned) this week.

1. Indexing is fun.  I actually had this as a calling one summer between college semesters.  Things have changed quite a bit in 30 years!  Now you can do it at home whenever you want. Go here to give it a try yourself.

2. Family night lessons can be short.  Discussing a newly-discovered quote doesn’t take long at all, but learning something new and feeling the Spirit equals an effective family home evening.  Here’s the one we discussed this week.

3.  I still hate making phone calls, although I’m always relieved when they’re done.  Of course, I’d probably be more likely to make them if I could actually complete the purpose in a single call.  This week’s “main” phone call was to make an appointment for an oil change.  It just so happens that we received a recall notice for that vehicle a couple of days ago, so I figured I could take care of both things at once.  I can, but I have to wait for them to order the recall part which will take two weeks.  We’ll see if they really call me back or if I have to add it to the list again.

4.  Cleaning out computer files is tedious and time-consuming.  However, I’m really grateful that I’m finally finding the time to do this!  It’s been on my list for years.

5.  When you’re only cooking for three people, things like milk and margarine and Miracle Whip don’t have to be replaced quite so often.  Leftovers stay in the fridge long enough to actually grow mold (not a good thing, but it has happened a couple of times lately).  And it’s totally possible to turn Candy Bar Pie into mini tarts by using cupcake liners in a muffin tin.

Bonus #6 (because posts without pictures are no fun). Girls are great.  They won the boys vs. girls tug-of-war at the stake youth activity last week.  And they did it so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it, so you get this one instead.