Welcome to another beautiful day in paradise! Sunny and warm, it was the perfect day to finish our list of Wellington city parks by playing tennis at the new tennis center. I’m calling it new, but really it was completed three years ago. It’s taken us that long to make it over there! However, a few years ago, we did play tennis at the old tennis center. I’ll have to look for pictures of that day and add them later. Here are some posts showing a few of the parks we visited – one of the first ones, and one of the last ones.
We were assigned court #14 and spent most of our time just volleying the balls back and forth. We did play one game, which Wayne won 6-0. Maybe someday I’ll beat him, but playing tennis will have to be a more than once a year activity in order for that to happen!

On our way out, we saw this –

Any idea what it is??


It’s a shoe washer! The courts were quite nice, but little bits of dust and gravel collected on our shoes. I guess they don’t want it being tracked through the shop.

Now, on to the city parks of Royal Palm Beach!