Michelle was scrolling through old blog posts and wanted to know the status of the “To-Do List” that I posted over a year ago.  Here’s that link.  I guess if I had some sort of accountability factor, I’d do better, wouldn’t I?  Anyway, here’s the old list, showing what actually got completed.

Make this list – DONE
Clear off the kitchen desk – DONE, and then done again and again and again
Fix tab on Michelle’s valance – I’ll have to go check on this one.
Complete baby afghan – DONE
Hang the pedigree chart – DONE (you can see it here)
Hang pictures in kids’ bathroom – still not done
Hang “Finishers Wanted” plaque – DONE (see above)
Replace the broken brick – DONE
Use up the rest of the “reject” toffee – DONE
Attach gate transponder to car window – DONE
Attach gate transponder to van window – DONE
Find “Sirius” list and put in car – DONE
Get my hair cut – DONE, and then done again at least once more!
Complete 50th anniversary book – DONE
Frame completed cross-stitch projects (lots and lots) – framed a couple of them, still many more to do.
Finish Personal Progress – all done except for one project, which I could change, but I really want my office to look pretty, and someday it will be – and since my young woman has graduated and I’m not serving in Young Women, this is on hold for now
Compile list of unfinished craft projects (then work on them) – still not done
Clean up email folders – not completely finished, although I’ve made progress
Clean up “My Pictures” folder – not completely finished, although I’ve made progress
Test/check sprinkler system – DONE
Send care packages to boys – DONE
Get rid of duplicate hex drivers – DONE
Get a new can of rice out of the food storage pile – DONE
Buy replacement strike plates for the doors (count them first) – DONE
Replace sliding mechanism on double door – DONE
Repair sink drain plug – DONE
Re-grout master shower – DONE
Find unusual hinges for front door replacement – DONE
Purchase and hang ceiling fan for master bedroom – DONE
Do something with all the boys’ trophies – mostly done, only Steven’s left, and they are displayed nicely on a bookshelf for now
Update the emergency binder – DONE
Clean the blinds – DONE
Plan Christmas – DONE
Find a piano tuner – DONE, and it’s even been tuned!
Find a trustworthy auto mechanic – DONE
Find a new dentist – DONE
Follow through on ordering key for laundry room cabinet – DONE
Follow through on new high school receiving Michelle’s official transcript (before she needs them for her college application) – DONE
Trip to Goodwill – DONE, and then done again multiple times
Figure out what to do with “extra” workbench shelves – DONE
Empty two boxes of music (means re-organizing the music cupboard) – DONE
Etc. (not even going to think about the boxes in the boys’ rooms yet, or new living room furniture, or replacing the vertical blinds, or planting a garden, or . . . .)

The “etc.” things are still on the list, although we have replaced two out of three of the vertical blinds, and the third set is next on the list for when the budget allows.  And, of course, there are more things to be added, but I was actually surprised at the number of things I was able to cross off.  I’ll just have to remember to look at my sign every time I walk through the door, which will help me remember to continue making progress, even if it seems slow at times.