Works for Me Wednesday
Favorite Summer Recipes #3

We love camping. And we love eating. Combine the two and we’re in heaven! One of our favorite camping meals is foil dinners. It must be some other people’s favorite as well, because this old post – Foil Dinners – has the greatest number of hits for this whole blog. You can read it to find out all of our “tricks” but I’ll let you in now on the number one secret – paper towels!

We also love to cook with Dutch ovens (yes, sometimes more than one) while camping. Our most memorable experience with that was in Yosemite, when someone came up to our campsite and asked how we got pizza delivered. We didn’t realize the aroma carried! But, alas, there is no pizza delivery in Yosemite, we made it ourselves in the Dutch oven. Go here to find out how we did it.

Some of our other favorite meals to cook in the Dutch oven are beef stew, chili, and chicken wings. On the grill we like hamburgers or pigs in blanket. And sometimes we want the ease of the Coleman stove; spaghetti or even top ramen taste better outdoors than they do at home!

Head on over to We are THAT Family to see if anyone else posts camping meal ideas. We’re always looking for new suggestions. What are some of your favorites?