Happy Father’s Day!

Traditions are great. Sometimes it’s nice not having to think, but to just do. While each year will be unique, many traditions stay the same and I love it. I think Wayne does, too. After all, if he didn’t, we’d probably make some changes!

Breakfast is always Eggs Benedict, although this year, because of another routine/tradition, we added Mini Peanut Butter Muffins to the menu.

That’s followed by opening presents. This year, in honor of his six children, there were six gifts to unwrap. One of them contained the traditional pistachio nuts. Another of them has a humorous Amazon story to go with it, but we’ll save that for another day.

This year a kazoo was on his list. Isn’t it nice when little things bring such great joy?

Since Father’s Day is always on Sunday, another tradition is to go to church. This year we took along the baskets of cookies that were the ward’s gift to the men.

The afternoon is filled with family phone calls. That’s actually a weekly tradition, but on Father’s Day we wait for our kids to call us instead of us calling them. They did not disappoint. It was fun to hear some of the “About My Daddy” worksheet answers that are a typical Primary activity on Father’s Day. It brings us great joy to know that our grandchildren love and appreciate their fathers.

The traditional Father’s Day dinner includes steak. This year, as in the past few years, it also included lobster. I think maybe I’m acquiring a taste for that crustacean, so maybe we’ll have it more often than once a year. I know Wayne would like that.

So, those are our traditions for Father’s Day. What are yours?