It’s been a while since I posted anything from our family almanac, so here goes —

1996: Reilly Beckstrand born (Happy Birthday to Scott’s oldest son!)
1999: Weston goes on his first date – a group date organized by his friend Jay (can’t believe we didn’t record the girl’s name!)
2000: last Sunday in Antioch – Becky released as RS Secretary
2001: Brad makes scripture cookies for FHE
2003: Back to School!!
2007: Brad doesn’t make scripture cookies for FHE even though we finish reading El Libro de Mormon.

Once we finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish for our family scripture study, we had a family council on what to do next, and that meant thinking back to the beginning of our tradition. Our oldest was 8 or 9 when we finally made the commitment to have daily scripture time as a family. The vote then was to start with Genesis 1 and make our way through all four standard works, which we did. Years later, when that goal was complete, we went through the Book of Mormon several times. Last summer we realized that our youngest weren’t even born the last time we started the Old Testament. In addition, the seminary course of study for last year was the Old Testament. So, we decided that we would read the Bible again as a family. It’s been one year and we’re 1/3 way through the Old Testament (that puts us in 1 Samuel). If we keep on track, we’ll be able to complete this before Steven leaves home!