I didn’t have to rush to get from security to my gate, and while I meandered along through the “A” wing, I came across a few exhibits. Each was actually quite fascinating, and I’d recommend them for your perusal should you ever find yourself with some spare time in the Philadelphia airport.

First was some crochet-turned-art. Since I had spent many hours on this trip working on my own crochet project, I thought this was quite appropriate.

Next was a display describing how and why Philadelphia was chosen as a world heritage city, the first one in the United States. (The second, and only other one, is San Antonio.) Someone else was reading this exhibit and taking pictures as well. That was comforting to both of us.

Finally, off to the side in its own little alcove, I noticed a replica of the Liberty Bell made out of Legos. I thought my boys would enjoy seeing this, and once again I thought it was quite timely, since I’ve spent more time sorting Legos in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. I even obeyed the “selfie-spot” sign, so you have proof I was there.