Wacky Wednesday
or How long can a shoe box and a paper bag last?

For Halloween in 1996, Steven was a dinosaur. We made the costume following instructions from a Parents magazine. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s hard to get a 3 year old to sit still!
Four years later, we repainted the box and sack so Steven could be Charizard (a Pokemón character).
Four more years go by, and Jeff decides that it’s the perfect “no-work” costume for a teenager at the ward Trunk or Treat.
Charizard is no longer relegated to Halloween. Now he’s making appearances on “Character Day” for Homecoming Spirit Week at the high school. (Jeff last year, Michelle this year – the poor sack needed a retaping job after Jeff put it on over his huge muscles!)
What’s next? Will it survive for another four years? Should we save it for the grandchildren? Who knows?