Since this post is about her baptism, we’ll start with that, although some of the celebrating took place the day before. Evelyn was baptized as part of a stake baptism, but in their stake, each ward provides their own program. Since she was the only one being baptized in her ward, family members gave the talks, one on baptism and another on the Holy Ghost (I hope Evelyn always remembers the stories her mother told), said the prayers, and even provided a musical number – “When I am Baptized“; these cute kids did an awesome job!

Cousins and siblings practicing their song beforehand.

We had a lovely time at the church (look at all the people who love you!), and a great time at home afterwards as well. Aunt Sarah bakes the most delicious cakes!

Water fight!!!

I loved watching Adam figure out how to make the water gun squirt out water. He was so pleased when he finally got Uncle Dave!

Happy Baptism Day, Evelyn!

We’re so proud of you for making the commitment to follow our Savior and be baptized. Always remember to keep your promises, and the Holy Ghost will continue to guide and direct you along the path back home to Heavenly Father. And your parents and grandparents and other family members will be happy to walk that road with you.