“I think maybe I was around ten or eleven years of age. I was with my father out on a farm away from our home, trying to spend the day busying myself until my father was ready to go home. Over the fence from our place were some tumbledown sheds that would attract a curious boy, and I was adventurous. I started to climb through the fence, and I heard a voice as clearly as you are hearing mine, calling me by name and saying, ‘Don’t go over there!’ I turned to look at my father to see if he [was] talking to me, but he was way up at the other end of the field. There was no person in sight. I realized then, as a child, that there were persons beyond my sight, for I had definitely heard a voice.” Harold B. Lee (quoted here)

This story was relayed as an example of how we’re blessed by being obedient, and I remember hearing it as a young girl (maybe when reading this article). It made a real impression on me then, particularly the fact that President Lee never did know what might have happened. Sometimes hindsight lets us see the consequence of our actions, but even if it doesn’t, it’s still better to choose the right and follow the Spirit.

As you can see, there’s a kid-friendly version of the story, found here.