ARRRGGHH! I was just about finished with this nice long post when it disappeared! Well, we’ll see if I can duplicate it.
I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday with family and friends and football. We did. However, at this time of reflection and resolutions, I’ve been thinking about the direction I want this blog to take. You’ll remember that setting it up was my goal for 2008. I’m pretty pleased with myself for choosing a goal that was fun and easy to accomplish!!! I’m trying to challenge myself a little more this year.
Anyway, the purpose of this blog was to communicate thoughts and ideas with my away-from-home kids. If anyone else stumbles across this and is edified (which I hope happens occasionally), that’s just a bonus. Because in my “never bored” life, those thoughts and ideas travel in a lot of directions, I thought it would be a good idea to separate out a couple of them for independent blogs.
So, from now on, any post that contains a recipe will also be posted at “Favorite Family Recipes.” As we make our tried-and-true favorites, or even try something new that works, the plan is to take a picture and post it with the recipe.
I’ve felt that the Book of Mormon posts have been buried between all the daily happening posts, so I’m starting a new blog for them, along with any other “Whispers of the Spirit” I feel like sharing. I’m hoping this will help me do a better job of following President Eyring’s counsel. Let me know what you think.
Isn’t it great that there are so many exciting choices to choose between? I’m looking forward to seeing what this “mighty and fine” year of 2009 will bring!
Updated 2019: It’s been ten years, and I’ve started new website (Thank you , Michelle!), which means everything’s been migrated back to one spot. However, this time there are different tabs to separate Family, Food and Faith. (If you click on the earlier links to the separate blogs, you’ll be sent to the new main home page.)