It’s been over three years since I’ve done “A Day in Our Life” post (see it here), and so when this assignment popped up on Wordful Wednesday (over here), I thought it would be fun to participate.  Of course, I didn’t remember while the day was progressing yesterday, so there aren’t as many pictures as there could have been, but we actually did take some!

Most of the routine stuff was fairly typical, but it was “the day before a big project is due” so a lot of our activities were not typical. Is it too much to hope that this was actually the very last major project?  After over twenty years of these, I’m ready for the next generation to take over!  Anyway, here’s what we did yesterday:

5:00 AM – alarm goes off, throw on some clothes, make sure Michelle’s awake, turn on computer, heat leftover spaghetti for her breakfast, prepare two sack lunches

5:40 AM – family prayer, say good-bye to Michelle, check email/blogs/Facebook, read scriptures, have breakfast with Wayne, say good-bye to him

7:15 AM – throw sheets in the washer, tidy kitchen, write a couple of blog posts (here and here), take a walk, move sheets to dryer, shower

10:00 AM – Tuesday is Errand Day.  Fortunately, the list wasn’t too long (actually didn’t need groceries!), but along with the usual “cleaners and post office,” there were some unusual items on it (teeny-tiny china set, sticker of a British constable, sparkly gold cardstock, and non-colored toothpicks).  Can you believe I found everything?

12:45 PM – watch tv while eating lunch and working on the current crochet project

2:00 PM – Michelle’s home – time to get to work!  She decided she wanted more display tables, so I sewed some more red covers.  If you look REALLY hard, you can see the teeny-tiny china set on the one at the center bottom of the picture.  Then she wanted help matting various quotes and pictures.  You’ll notice the shiny gold cardstock covers up the previously ugly red railing.

5:45 PM – Decide I should probably start dinner, so cut up some vegetables and toss them in the oven. (Find the recipe here.)  Remember to put the sheets back on the bed and check the mail.

7:00 PM – Wayne’s home.  He suggests that we add a few ingredients to the plain sautéed chicken I had planned, so we quickly created a new recipe and ate dinner together.

7:25 PM – Michelle has 25 minutes of computer time before Wayne needs it, so we work on formatting some more quotes and print them out.
8:00 PM – Wayne has a webinar (part of his church calling), Michelle showers and does her other homework, I rest my weary back while reading a magazine and doing more crocheting.
9:00 PM – family scriptures and prayer, “tuck” Wayne into bed (our tradition that lets us keep our goal to go to bed together when the kids still need help from Mom)
9:30 PM – help Michelle with final touches on project – more cutting and matting and creating a little book – take pictures and load them on a flash drive to give to the teacher (the actual board doesn’t have to go to school until the History Day competition on Friday or Monday)

 11:00 PM – It’s finished!  Time to go to bed.

So, that was our day.  It was long, but productive and enjoyable too.  
P.S.  Come join the blog hop 🙂  It’s always nice to know we’re not alone with our crazy schedules.