We may be “empty-nesters” but we still want to be involved in our children’s lives.  Today was a day to do just that.  These few items may not have been on the to-do list very long, but they still needed to be done.  
First up was figuring out how I was going to vote on the different issues our state faces, and then sending links and recommendations so the college kids can make their own educated decisions.  P.S.  Don’t forget to actually fill out and mail in your ballot by next week!
Then it was reviewing GE and major requirements and giving input for registering for Winter Semester classes.  They did just fine picking classes on their own, but it’s always nice to have a second opinion.
Finally, I didn’t expect it to be such a hard thing, but knowing Elder Steven was flying half-way across the world was difficult.  Of course, everything turned out just great, and he landed safely in Luanda, Angola, but my mother-heart sure wished it could have accompanied him on what might have been a stressful journey, particularly since I knew he was companion-less for the last leg of it.