It was Stake Conference weekend, and that meant a lot of meetings.  We miss living 2 minutes from the stake center!  So, after getting home after 11 PM on Saturday, we were out the door the next morning by 7:30 in order to make it to the stake center an hour away on time for choir practice.  Then we stayed after the general session for the “new member” session, since organizing that meeting was one of Wayne’s high council responsibilities.  However, last Sunday our ward was split and now he’s in the bishopric.  Being released was bittersweet, as it usually is.  On the way home we detoured to the hospital so he and the bishop could give someone a blessing.  We’ll look at the bright side and be glad there were no starving kids clamoring in the car!  After a belated dinner of leftovers (which were still quite delicious), he had a couple of interviews to take care of.

Amazingly, there was still time to input another family from the Hug Descendants Book into PAF.  We’re glad this family had one child and not fifteen!  However, because our new ward isn’t recognized by NewFamilySearch yet, that piece of the project (double checking our information with what’s in NFS and adding what’s missing) will have to wait, but I’m still going to count it as progress on the never-ending to-do list because otherwise we’d have done nothing.  I can’t let that happen!  Is it too much to hope that next Sunday can feel a little more relaxing?