Today’s “projects to finish” aren’t very exciting, just several little chores that need doing every few months, and today was the day – things like vacuuming under the couch, cleaning a few baseboards and washing the bath rugs.  In addition, I recently found an unpublished blog post; now it’s published!    

Okay, I’ll start writing this today (11/1/11), and then maybe next year I’ll remember to post it early in October!  Well, I almost forgot again, but at least mid-October is better than November again!

Here are some darling ideas for Yummy Halloween Food – found here.
They include:

Orange Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup & Spiders
A Spooky Lunch (muffin tin – cheese stick ghosts, mummy hot dogs, candy in cauldron, banana ghosts, kiwi Frankenstein, bones and blood)

Jack-o-lantern Quesadillas
Tentacle Pot Pies
Jack-o-lantern Burgers
M&M’s Pumpkin Cake
Spiderweb Cookies
Spider Rice Krispie Treats
And another site with a lot of ideas for Easy Halloween Party Food – found here.
They include:

Mummy Dogs
Monster Jaws (apple wedges with almond teeth)
Bones n’ Blood (breadsticks and marinara sauce)

Candy Corn Pizza (cheddar and mozarella pizza)
Cheesy Fingers (string cheese with slivered almond)
Dirt n’ Worms (chocolate pudding and gummy worms)
Pumpkin Sammies (sandwiches)
Nutty Ghosts (Nutter Butter cookies)
Witches Wands (dipped pretzel rods)
Spidey Cookies (oreos and licorice)
Spider Web Dip
Slimy Worms on a Bun (hot dogs in bbq sauce)
Witch Hats (kiss on cookie)
Candy Corn Sugar Cookies
Skeleton Cookies
Oreo Bats
Monster Munch
Caramel Toffee Dip
Halloween Cookie Pops
Candycorn Cupcakes
Autumn Pretzel Turtles
Chocolate-Dipped Owls
Caramel Apples
Honey Caramel Apples
Caramel Apple Cider
Shrunken Apple Heads
Mason Jar Lanterns
Glow in the Dark Drinks
Mad Scientist Potion