Last year when the boys went back to college, it took me 8 months to double-check that their rooms were clean and organized; I was determined to not take so long this year.  I’d say six weeks is better than eight months.  Maybe next year it can be even sooner, or, better yet, they can do it before they leave! 

So, the stuff on top of the desks and dressers (admittedly not a lot) has been put away and the sheets have been washed.  The Christmas tree is even back in the closet; Jeff took it out to make room for his clothes. So, even if it will be a while, everything’s already for them to come home again.
Of course, the other side of the room still needs some work done:

That’s where we stashed all the pictures that we took off of the walls in our old house.  Going through them and figuring out where (or if) to hang them here is still on the list!