Visiting the Perot Museum was at the top of our list of things to do in Dallas. Can you figure out why? Their special exhibit was a bunch of artistic creations made out of Legos, called The Art of the Brick. It was actually quite intriguing, and we had a great time exploring the exhibit.

Of course, Savannah’s favorite part was the hands-on area, but that was only a tiny piece of it. Before reaching that corner, we admired lots of different creations. First were those inspired by actual paintings, then sculptures, then original expressions of the human experience, ending with an interesting set of mixed-media pieces.

That, however, was only a small portion of the museum! Next up was the children’s section. Lots and lots of fun for a little girl.

Since it was getting close to nap-time, we did a quick walk through up to the dinosaur floor, where then said good-bye so the little ones could go home. After lunch at the on-site cafe (very disorganized, confusing, and expensive), we went back to “finish” the first floor. That meant reading every placard and watching every video and learning all about how sports and our physical bodies are connected. It was actually quite fascinating, although I would have enjoyed it more if the decibel level were lower. There were a lot of people in one room!

However, our timing was perfect, and we made it through in order to leave just before rush hour. One floor down – four more to go. And since we plan on visiting Dallas again some day, we just may finish this goal.