Friday Flashback
National Park Series #23

The beautiful Cuyahoga River runs through Cuyahoga Valley between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio. It was actually a very beautiful park, with plenty of picnic areas and hiking trails.

The park has a paved “tow path” trail meant for bicyclists, but that didn’t stop us from “hiking” on it! Over a hundred years ago, it was a dirt path made by the animals that hauled the canal barges.

Some trails went by ponds. This is Horseshoe Pond.

And some trails went over beautiful grassy dams, that formed the ponds.

Some trails crossed little creeks, with and without bridges.A lot of trails were through grassy meadows.

And some trails climbed to the top of ridges.

Our favorite section of the park was called The Ledges.This would be a great place to do some rock climbing!And once you got to the top of the “ledges”, the view of the valley was beautiful.

For the first time ever, we had a “national park” vacation without camping! (It was cheaper to drive the small car and stay at a hotel than to drive the big car that could hold all the camping equipment.) However, we still had a picnic lunch and barbecue dinner every day. And when we were done eating, there was time to do some running around!

Delicious food, lots of hiking, beautiful scenery, and great company = wonderful memories.