This holiday season we finally did try Cody’s Family Salad. As mentioned in that post, we didn’t really care for it. Maybe it really wasn’t meant to be served as a salad, but as a condiment. I guess I should ask her! Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to throw out perfectly good food, so doctored up the leftovers a bit. These two adaptations were actually quite delicious.

Cranberry Appetizer

Layer some cream cheese and the cranberry mixture in a bowl. Let come to room temperature and serve with crackers. You could also blend them together, but I think it looks prettier layered.

Trying this reminded me of our Easy Cherry Cheesecake recipe. That gave me the idea for a Christmas Eve salad, which turned out quite nicely, and was a great way to use up the remaining leftovers.

Cranberry Fluff Salad

Beat together some cream cheese and whipped cream. Fold in the cranberry mixture. Chill and serve.