Last week was the County Awards Ceremony for the winners of the History Day Competition.  It was nice to enjoy that opportunity with Michelle, and it was a great excuse to try out a little Italian place near our home. Congratulations Princess!

There were seven students from her high school that placed first or second in the different History Day categories.  Michelle’s “individual presentation” project had to be dismantled to fit in the car after the County event, so she’s trying to figure out the best way to “reassemble” it for the state competition on April 30th.

The first step was to add some music, and she found an old mp3 player and mini speaker to do just that.  She has one minute of a polka from the time period alternating with one minute of “crowd” noise; hopefully you’ll feel you’re a part of the Great Exhibition yourself! If anyone has ideas on how to add a banner with the title (that’s the part she had to remove), she’s open to suggestions.