The other day I was scrolling through an article “65 Cast Iron Breakfast Ideas” and noticed one for corned beef hash and eggs. That sounded like a terrific way to use up some of our leftover St. Patrick’s Day corned beef. I didn’t bother using our cast iron pan for breakfast, although I did use it when I first made the hash for dinner, because there’s only two of us, but it still turned out beautifully.
Wayne voted for scrambled eggs while I took the article’s advice and had an easy-over egg. That was delicious, but in the future I think I’d rather keep the eggs and hash separated.

Making the hash itself is super simple. Heat a bit of butter to sauté some chopped onion. Then add diced corned beef and potatoes. (I used some leftover baked potatoes. You could use raw ones; it would just take longer to cook.) Heat through and serve.