It’s almost here!  I’ve spent the last couple of days working so that we can watch it on the comfort of the couches in the family room instead of around the computer in the office.  I don’t know if I was successful at that or not.  There’s one more option to try, but I need Wayne to bring his iPhone home first.  However, we do have a couple of new “toys” and are all ready for Jeff to bring his laptop home this summer.  And, with only three, the office is still comfortable.  Besides, as long as the M&M’s are handy, who cares where we are?

There’s been a lot of activity around the web as others prepare as well.  Here are some of the sites I found that looked intriguing:

General Conference Guessing Game (a pre-conference trivia questionnaire)

General Conference Quiz (How much do you remember from last fall?)

Both of these sites have wonderful ideas for making conference enjoyable for your younger children; try here and here and here.  Don’t forget SugarDoodle.  And here’s a great post for those with older children – remember that they’ll live up to your expectations.

Can’t forget the official site!  All of the answers to your really important questions can be found there.  Enjoy a wonderful weekend!