2001 – Michelle’s 8th Christmas
(which means she was 7 years old)

Another year in South Florida!

This Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa, along with Aunt Holly and Uncle Richard, came to visit us. Fortunately, there was plenty of room on the stair railing to hang a few more stockings!

Michelle named her robo-pet Boomer.

Let’s add a couple more pictures of December events. I’m guessing Michelle’s school had a “Character Day” of some sort, because here she is dressed as Cinderella in front of the Christmas tree.

David and Brad won the Mutual gingerbread house decorating contest. The practice they’d had over the years came in handy!

Here’s the funny story for the year. While they were at Mutual, I made some cinnamon stars (similar to these) to hang on the Christmas tree as ornaments. They were cooling on the rack when they came home, and they each grabbed one and took a big bite, which they promptly spit out in disgust. They wondered why I didn’t warn them, and I wondered why they didn’t ask before helping themselves to a treat. (It’s possible only one of them was the culprit; they’ll have to set the story straight.)

Hope you’re enjoying a very Merry Christmas season!

Weston’s 8th Christmas