This was the year I decided to sew a Christmas dress for our only daughter. It was something I had always imagined doing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the project, although obviously not enough to repeat it for any other year! (And if you look carefully in the last picture, you can see the evidence that I also sewed her a doll with a matching dress.)

The kids are getting older; no tantrums this time. And I absolutely love this next picture, which shows Michelle’s unique sense of style.

That red, white and blue teddy bear shirt was her first choice to wear whenever possible. In fact, she normally paired it with a pink and yellow flowered skirt. That must not have been clean on Christmas morning, but it was earlier in the month when we made graham cracker houses. I love the clothing choices of three year olds!

Making graham cracker houses was one of our Christmas Advent/Countdown activities, something that made this year unique. Another activity was making snowflakes, which we used to decorate the kitchen window. We also made candy, ornaments, and thank you cards, played with bubbles, bean bags, and play dough, and did a few secret good deeds. It really was a lot of fun.

We enjoyed a nice relaxing Christmas afternoon testing out the new games and toys. Remote control cars, video games, and Lego sets are pretty standard gifts in our house, but by this year we were also adding dolls and stuffed animals!

Weston’s 4th Christmas