2007 – Michelle’s 14th Christmas

She’s a teenager now! And she finally got to celebrate Christmas with another young lady in the house. Megan was engaged to Weston, and she came out with him for the holidays. Michelle graciously shared her bedroom, and we all had a great time getting to know her better.

Before the college students arrived, there was plenty to keep us busy, including working on Personal Progress (sewing a new skirt and singing in a concert or two).

Someone made sure Santa had no excuse to forget Megan. I’m sure he would have remembered without the reminder, but we all enjoyed the creativity. (Notice that the stockings are still hanging around.)

I’m not sure why he’s so thrilled with his candy canes; he doesn’t like them, yet they appear in his stocking every year because it’s a tradition, along with an orange in the toe and candy and trinkets in between. Maybe he was excited to remove them and see what was underneath.

The oldest kids gave me an orange tree for Christmas, and included planting it as part of the gift. What a wonderful idea!

Here’s a relaxing way to spend Christmas vacation – playing the piano or playing a game. Which would you choose?

Weston’s 14th Christmas – He was a teenager, too. He had to deal with siblings who were toddlers, Michelle had to deal with siblings who were young adults. How old were your siblings when you were a young teenager? Mine were all younger and elementary-school-aged.